Dental Health is key to Overall Health

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Dental Health

The Medicare Caddy makes Dental Health easy.

Dental Health

Studies show dental health is a pathway to overall good health.

2 Ways

To cover dentistry costs.

• One way is a “stand-alone dental insurance plan”.

• Dental benefits inserted into a Medicare Health Plan. It’s important to note that Medicare does NOT pay for dental costs. But some Medicare plans have added that coverage


Dean Henzlik

Certified Senior Advisor

Top 10 Advantages

of a Delta Dental Plan
1: Largest Network - 97% of dentists in South Dakota participate in our network, saving members time and money with direct claims processing and no balance billing.
2: Rate Stability - The longer a group is with us, the better rate guarantee. Our average rate increase is less than 2% per year.
3: Personalized Dental Benefits - We believe "one size does not fit all". We offer a variety of plans and benefits to meet the needs of any size employer or family.
4: Hassle-Free Service - Brokers, members, and groups say with our extensive knowledge and experience, it's easy to do business with us.
5: Direct Claims Submission - In-network dentists submit claims directly to us with an average turnaround time of 6.7 days and 99.9% financial accuracy rate.
6: Flexible Coverage - We have fewer exclusions and limitations. We cover dental implants, pre-existing dental conditions, and orthodontic cases in progress.
7: Local Customer Service - An average wait time of under 20 seconds makes it quick and easy to speak with our knowledgeable local contact center representatives.
8: Everyone Deserves a Healthy Smile - Through our foundation, we give back millions of dollars each year to improve oral health in communities across South Dakota.
9: Dental Benefits for All - Whether a large group or a small business with as few as 2 employees, we have dental benefits to suit any size business or family. 1 in 2 South Dakotans is covered by Delta Dental.
10: The Importance of Prevention - We strive to protect smiles and keep them healthy. We focus on prevention with programs like the Health through Oral Wellness Program and Prevention Pays. Prevention improves health, saves lost work hours, and reduces healthcare costs.